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NEWPORT BEACH, CALIF. – Istanbul, Turkey based boat fender cover manufacturer, Procover, announces the launch of new branch office in Newport Beach, California.The increasing demand for the boat fender covers in the America market has inevitably called for the establishment of a new branch in the US to manage overseas operations. Management office and a warehouse have been set up in Newport Beach, California claimed as one the biggest base for mega yachts and boats.
Known for manufacturing durable boat fender covers, Procover assures its customers total satisfaction with its perfect fitting boat fender covers in 20 different sizes. Procover’s high quality and reliable fender covers, also known as fender socks, provide impeccable protection for the painting and gel coat of the boats.

About Procover
Procover is the leading manufacturer of durable and reliable covers for boat fenders. The perfect combination of form and quality, Procover is uniquely created for universal fender brands; such as Polyform, Taylor, Majoni, Plastimo, DanFender, Castro, and Hercules. All covers are individually knitted and constructed of top quality stretch polyester fabric. Known for their durability and perfect fitting, Procover offers flawless protection for your boat.

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